Monday, 9 November 2009

MV : "Jep nee mai mee wan jaang" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลลดา

Nice song by Takkatan, her 4th album is now out.


The3rdWay said...

I'm trying to find out where to buy her Karaoke VCD, I usually buy from but they don't have available you know how I can get the VCD?

Chris said...

Sorry, i only get from ethaicd so i don't really know any other store good enough to recommend. Sometimes it shows up a bit late on ethaicd so its worth checking again.

Noah Berlatsky said...

You could try Thai MegaMart; they seem to sometimes have a slightly different selection (though with shipping I think they're a little more expensive as well.)

Chris, I'm kind of just starting out listening to luk thung. I had a couple of questions about Thai music I wanted to ask you, but I couldn't find contact info. If you wouldn't mind, would you email me? My address is noahberlatsky at gmail.

Thanks. Your site's been very useful; I appreciate the effort you put in.