Monday, 16 November 2009

MV : "Itcha nok" by Nanfah Kalasin น่านฟ้า กาฬสินธ์

Current lukthung hit.

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Will Robinson said...

I only very recently discovered Nanfah Kalasin.

His first album for Mang Pong, presented a very handsome young man, with an excellent and accurate voice. He was the absolute center of focus, in every track. Beautiful sharp, colorful photography, even though the sets were inexpensive.

The second and final Mang Pong album had more expensive sets and outdoor videos. This album had some really beautiful songs, and again his voice showed great accuracy and purity. And, that he could smile.

I am afraid that "Itcha nok" he did for RS, suggests that the pin up boy treatment Mang Pong gave him, might end here, with them being his Producers.

He looked rather ordinary in that boat, - but time matures, I suppose.

I would like RS to follow the Mang Pong presentation of Nanfah, and allow him to continue to be the modern trendy man he seems to be.

I really like him, and will buy the RS album, whenever it hits the decks