Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Releases (22/01/09)

There has been a rush of new releases over the last few days, and some notable new releases too including Jintara's third RS album (already) though that won't be out until the 28th i think. Plus of course releases in December including Takkatan's latest album which is very good (if not quite as good as the 2nd album), the Jatura Thung album is also very good with new songs by 4 male RS stars. Vit Hyper is the man!
  • Kat Rattikarn - ya kid nuk
  • Cream Pimwalai - nang sao khon mai
  • Nidnoi Nantaporn - mai aow pee chai
  • Nongnew Pornpimol - sao mueng pijit
  • Phai Pongsathorn - yhark mee ter pen fan
  • Suriya Changpuek - ha jai mai jer
  • Dao Noy Sieng Esarn - self-titled debut
  • Various - Jatura Thung (Noo Meter, Bao Wee, Luang Kai, Vit Hyper)
  • Tunwa Rasritanu - kaaw soo jood mhai
  • Sao Mard - dao mahalai
  • Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
  • Mangpor Chonticha - tah ruk
  • Koy Khingkaew - tarm roy kru pleng

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