Tuesday, 6 January 2009

MV : "Mii khon gaw ro yu bur nii" by Takkatan Cholada ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Happy New Year to you all, how is your 2009 so far? My 2008 ended nicely when i received some more lukthung CDs on December 30th (posted on the 26th so it took just 4 days to get to me from Bangkok, that's very good indeed. I've had some letters take longer than that to get to me from the next city never mind the other side of the world!) Anyway one of the CDs was Takkatan Cholada's latest album (her third) and this song is on it.

Not my favourite song on the CD admittedly, that is "fan geb" which is truly superb but a good song from Takkatan all the same. Can she challenge Tai for my heart in 09? We'll see!

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